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LeTort Spring Run - December 22, 2007

Current Stream Conditions
The stage at Middlesex is 3.94 feet The flow is 55 cfs.  The LeTort is clear.

Spawning season for brown trout is winding down on the LeTort, and spawning activity was noted in many places in the special-regulation area, downtown, and downstream of Carlisle Barracks.   Please don't fish the LeTort until the fry have hatched late next March.  If  you must fish, please do not wade,  and please don't fish to trout on the redds.

Hatch Info
Midges hatch year around; trout feed on the adult and larval stages. 

Cress (sow) bugs and shrimp (scuds) are present throughout the stream.  Shenk's Cress Bug and Shenk's Shrimp are our favorite imitations of these crustaceans.  Relatively large black-and-white striped shrimp live in the upper reaches of the Catch & Release Fly Fishing Only (C&RFF0) water.  Herb's Zebra Shrimp imitates this scud perfectly. 

Sculpins are common, and crayfish live where rocks and gravel are exposed on the stream bottom.  Our


Recommended  Fly Patterns
Please order these patterns by calling 1-800-248-8937.

Dry Flies:    #18-#20 Adams. #24-#26 Adams Midge. 

Wet Flies:  #16 Pheasant-Tail Soft Hackle.  #16 Gallagher Special.

Midges:   #20 ICSI (I Can See It!) Midge. #24 - #26 Griffith's Gnat. #22 - #24 Hi-Vis Parachute Olive Midge#22 - #24 Glass Bead Baetis. #24 Olive Midge.

Nymphs:  #16 Shenk's Cress Bug. #16 - #18 Olive Cress Bug#16- #18 Grey Cress Bug#16 Shenk's Shrimp, and #10 Herb's Zebra Shrimp

Streamers:   #8 Shenk's Sculpin. #8 olive & black, peacock & black Wooly Buggers, and all-black Wooly Buggers (with or without beads) #8 White Minnow

Special Report

Our shop is closing for the last time at 5:00 PM this afternoon; so, these are our last stream reports.  We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.  We hope to see you on our local streams. 

Tulpehocken Creek Outfitters is moving into our storefront; they should be open by March 1, 2008.

Tight Lines

Herb, Kathy, Bill, & Dusty